To promote the awareness of acoustics to the general public

To promote research and development of science and technology in the field of acoustics through organizing workshops, seminars, regional conferences and international conferences

To the promotion and diffusion and exchange of frontier knowledge in the field of acoustics by networking with national acoustical societies throughout the world

To help building up the national standards in noise and vibration through dialogues with the government enforcements

To make known on the world map on vibration and acoustics

To maintain close contacts with national and regional acoustical societies and associations as well as other relevant professional organisations and seek consensus in matters of mutual interest

To provide an information service on societies, congresses, symposia, etc., research and education organisations in the field of acoustics;

To take a pro- active role in co-ordinating the main international meetings within acoustics.

To being referred to the International Commission on Acoustics (ICA) in accordance with the guidelines and to act as the National Advisory Level Committee in Malaysia.

To sponsor or co-sponsor other topical and special international conferences normally in close cooperation with national and/or regional organisations and to give financial support (grants or guarantees), as a grant to organising committees for such meetings or as a travel grant to participants
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